Who is Arvindh Sundar?

In life, Arvindh Sundar is on a mission to do five things. In increasing order of difficulty, they are:

  • Become a voice actor.
  • Become a location independent entrepreneur.
  • Live in Japan as a local.
  • Create his own fantasy universe for Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Become fit.

Whenever he finds time away from being a dad and husband, he spends time working on his Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

In an earlier avatar that ended with him becoming a Chief Marketing Officer, Arvindh has been rated as one of India’s Top 100 Customer Experience Hackers by Oracle.

He has leveraged his expertise to help Fortune 500 companies & amazing brands including IBM, Novell, Jigsaw Academy and Freshmenu. Arvindh Sundar is also an alumnus of Manchester Business School, UK from their Masters in Corporate Communication and Reputation Management program, in the class of 2008.

Nowadays, Arvindh Sundar runs Epic Career Labs where he helps millennials find direction, take control and win at work using the E.P.I.C Transformations.

A curated list of his numerous achievements include:

  • Made 365 videos in 365 days in 2019. Videos on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.
  • PADI certified Scuba Diver, 2019
  • Impromptu archery & axe throwing competition winner at Gudvangen Viking Village in Norway, 2019
  • Accomplished speaker and champion at Toastmasters International for numerous speaking competitions, 2018
  • Is still married
  • Hit his 10 year goal at the 7 year mark – became Head of Marketing at Jigsaw Academy, 2018.
  • Got a 3/4 sleeve tattoo of an octophant – part elephant, part octopus, over 22 hours, 2018.
  • Became a dad, 2017.
  • Launched India’s first storytelling agency, Grok Communications in 2016.
  • Represented India in the Paintball World Cup in Langkawi, 2011. We ranked 9th overall.

Yeah.. he’s kinda fun to follow.